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Roseville Skin Cancer Clinic

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with statistics showing that two out of three people who spend their life in Australia will develop some form of skin cancer. Therefore early detection is vital and may save your life.

Our Specialist doctors are highly trained and experienced in the detection and management of skin cancers. So if you are concerned about any changes to your skin e.g moles, sun spots, please make an appointment as soon as possible.

Please contact us on (02) 9416 1214, Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer develops when a skin cell goes through a series of changes that make it a cancer cell. Exposure to UV radiation from the sun and other sources (such as solariums) is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells.

Most skin cancers can be successfully treated, if detected early.

Skin cancers don’t all look the same, but there are some signs to look out for:

  • a spot that is different from other spots on the skin
  • a spot, mole or freckle that has changed in size, shape or colour
  • a sore that doesn’t heal
  • a spot that bleeds or itches

Why have a skin check?

Skin cancer is usually diagnosed by a Specialist who examines the skin, often using a hand held microscope (dermatoscope). Skin cancer specialists are more likely to detect melanomas and other skin cancers at a thinner stage than either the patient or the patient’s partner.

Over 60% of melanomas detected are not presented as a concern by the patient. Early detection has been proven to save lives and minimise surgery.

Why choose us?

Our Skin Clinic offers specialised equipment for checking skin, freezing lesions and for the excision of lesions if indicated. The Skin clinic is run by experienced General Practitioners and Melanoma Surgeon.

Our Specialists have undertaken additional training in the diagnosis and management of skin lesions. Most importantly all skin cancer surgery at our clinic is performed by a Specialist Surgeon. Skin cancer surgery performed by a Specialist Oncological Surgeon optimises aesthetic results and ensures complete clearance of the cancer.

What to expect at your skin check appointment?

A full skin check is conducted with a head to toe examination of the skin using dermatoscopy. The dermatoscope uses a polarized light to view specific moles at magnification.

Each skin lesion is viewed through the dermatoscope in turn and compared with other skin lesions, to make a diagnosis. Whilst most lesions are benign -sunspots, seborrhoeic keratosis and moles; our aim is to establish whether a skin lesion should be removed to rule out a melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) or other type of skin cancer.

When a definite diagnosis of a benign lesion cannot be made confidently, the lesion is then re-examined a second time.

There are three outcomes from the re-examination of lesions:

  • No monitoring required.
  • Monitor the lesion for any changes at a follow up appointment (between 1 and 3 months)
  • Biopsy is required. A biopsy involves removing a sample of cells (under local anaesthetic) and examining these cells under a microscope. This is booked at a later time and the lesion sent for histology.

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